Manchester Inn, stackable transfer chair

Stretcher and transfer

Réf. Manchester INN

 Our stackable transfer chair, Manchester Inn, enables to gain up to 50% floor space (for 5 chairs).

This core caracterist will save you time with its easily identificable station and will offer you an optimised logistic for your transfer chairs.

Ergonomic and easy to handle this chair includes 2 armrests offering siting sideways, a passive manual brake which activates for more security when you don't press the bar.


It's handling is facilitated by the omnidirectionnal wheels in the front its large steering handle and its great stability. 


The large sitting area and soft uphosltery, as well as its stable and foldable footrest ensure the comfort of the patient.


Its strong points: Time and Space savingErgonomy,ManiabilitySafety and Comfort.


Overall length: 1050 mm
Overall width: 620 mm 
Siting height: 550 mm
Siting width: 480 mm

·          Ø 200 mm back wheel

·          Ø 150 mm front wheel

Maximum loading
: 200 Kg 


  • IV pole
  • Individual wheels braking system
  • Wall fixation
  • Orthopeadic leg support
  • Luggage rack 
  • Brief case
  • Security belt         
  • O² support    
  • Urine bag holder     
  • Anti-thief hooks    
  • Identification plate     
  • Station for improved logistic


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